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The professional women who cycle the busy streets are Parv’s source of inspiration. With the help of filmmaker Luke Clayton Thompson, this season - Parv turns to her real-life muses, women living the narrative she has conjured up for the brand. Thompson’s film follows five London-based women from all walks of life who cycle London’s busy street, experiencing the sartorial issues Parv’s innovative brand is determined to solve. Shot in various locations in London, a documentary-style fashion film embarks on a commute with Riyam Salim, Theresa Begon, Laura Foulds, Pippa Roberts and Eve Lam, creating a snapshot of their lives and bringing Parv’s designs where they belong - the bustling streets of the city.

Director/DOP//Editor/Sound: Luke Clayton Thompson

Creative Director: Johanna Parv

Interviews: Nini Barbakadze

Stylist: Hamish Wirgman

Assistant: Selma Carlsson

Assistant Camera: Joe Jack Chapman

Graphic Design: Maris Nisu